Spicy Broccoli & Tomato Soup


I wandered my way down a narrow staircase into our small basement staff room, quite a few years ago…To find one of my colleagues who is also a wonderful friend sipping on some delicious broccoli soup she had made and was having for her lunch.

Always the healthy one..apart from the sneaky Egg Mcmuffins we occasionally treated each other to!!! JK as we fondly called her used to bring her lunch from home whilst I would be the unhealthy one and buy from outside! But the aroma of this broccoli soup prompted me to ask her for the recipe and I’m so glad I did. Such a healthy, filling and vitamin packed soup! Thank you soo much for sharing this soup with me and allowing me to share it now with everyone x

I’ve added a little vegetable stock cube to intensify the taste of the broccoli. Also the paprika adds a little heat. Really gorgeous on its own or with some bread

I was also inspired by Sophie @ foodie files who made a gluten free broccoli and cheddar soup and posted it recently. It reminded me of my broccoli soup memory with JK. Thanks Sophie, please check out her lovely blog and recipes!



1 large broccoli separated into florets
2 small tomatoes
2 garlic cloves peeled
½ vegetable stock cube
boiling water
Salt to taste
⅓ tsp paprika


• Boil the broccoli, tomatoes and garlic cloves together in a large saucepan for approximately 10 minutes until everything is soft and tender


• Take half the water out after the veg has been boiled. Stir in the stock cube, salt and paprika

• Using a handheld blender very carefully blitz the veg into a soup. If the consistency is too thick then add some water


• Serve in a shallow soup bowl with a little grated mature cheese on top!



and if your anything like me I sprinkled some chilli flakes onto the soup also!



23 thoughts on “Spicy Broccoli & Tomato Soup

  1. Oh, lovely anecdote. There is nothing like a healthful lunch at work. The recipe looks pure and delicious – and the addition of a flavorful cheese at the end keeps it healthy but lends a lot of layers of taste. Your photos are awesome in this post – the first one is just insanely good. 🙂

    • Thank you Shanna! I’ve really been trying with my photography! Happy to know I’m getting better!
      Yes I thought I would put the cheese on top rather than inside so the cheese hits your palette directly with the soup! 🙂

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