Living! A Random Thought…


I have just started watching Grey’s Anatomy recently. I know its been on for a while, guess I’ve just got round to it! One of the episodes I watched today really made things very clear to me and that is not to put anything off in life! That we should do everything we want to in the present moment. We end up putting things off all the time thinking we have time, even though all the elderly wise plus all the philosopher’s have tried to tell us so.

I know I’m stating the obvious but it had such an impact on me I really wanted to share with you all. We think we have time…but we just don’t know how much!

Connecting with you all helps me live in the present whether we’re in different time zones we are all living in the moment. Our passions whatever they maybe are being created in that moment. The concept of time just disappears when we’re having fun.


Let’s all live in this wonderful moment as that is what we are here to do! And enjoy! Much love D xxxx