Shallow Fried Padron Chilli Peppers


As you all know friends, my husband enjoys his food and this totally inspires me to create, bake and make more new dishes.  I was really excited when he came home and was talking about his colleague & friend Nathan making tapas yesterday evening.  They both share a love of food and it’s wonderful as always, to share ideas and experience different cuisines.

The one tapas dish that stood out to me was the “Padron Chillies sprinkled in sea salt”.  Now being of Indian heritage, I adore chilli.  This fascination developed after getting married where all of a sudden I was able to eat as much sweet stuff and chilli, spicy stuff as possible.  Really tastebuds do change when you’re paired in a relationship!  You adopt each others tastes and are more open to trying new foods.

I am yet to make these tasty tapas chillies but Nathan was extremely kind to share his spread and most importantly his recipe.  The padron chilli is known as the Tapas Chilli Pepper ~ used commonly in Spanish cooking, these Padron peppers literally melt in your mouth, with a small amount saltiness and heat making them so very moreish!  They are used whilst green & immature and are very mild.  You really get to enjoy the flavour sensation without burning your palette.


These had to be shared immediately and thank you very much Nathan for introducing us to them and for the mouth watering pictures!


2 cups of Padron peppers
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt for sprinkling


Add olive oil to a very hot frying pan, when oil is hot and sizzling gently place the peppers into the oil

Cook and stir the peppers until the skin is blistered and the pepper soft

Remove the peppers from the pan, place on a plate and sprinkle with sea salt to taste



Ice cream Bhapa Doi


Aahaaram is one of my absolute favourite food blogs. My wonderful friend Aruna is the talented chef behind this vegetarian marvel. I was extremely ecstatic when she offered to do a guest post for me. I look up to her as a senior food writer and sister. She inspires me with every one of her recipes and I am always learning from her.

Thanks Aruna for Aahaaram…We love you!

Over to my dear friend Aruna Panangipally for a sweet ice cold delight…

It my greatest pleasure that I am able to do this super simple yet super delicious guest post for Dimple. Dimple was one of my earliest blogging friends and one with a 1000-watt smile that can light up the whole world. I love Dimple’s recipes because they are infused with same joie de vivre, and are so simple yet so flavourful. 

Dimple always had nothing but kind and encouraging words for me. When I asked her to do a guest post for me, she agreed readily and came up with this delicious Sweet Corn and Spinach Curry‏ and I have only just got around to doing this post for her.

Of the choices I gave her, Dimple chose Bhapa Doi, a dessert that looks deceptively plain but is chockablock of tastes. This Bengali dessert is nothing but Sweet Steamed Yogurt that is oh-so-creamy and just the right kind of sweet; not overpowering yet has a lovely lingering after taste. 

What I love best is the fact that it gets done super fast (though one has to wait for it to chill, sigh!) and is simply super delicious.

Truth be told, I am loathe to share Bhapa Doi with anyone. 🙂

So without much ado, here you go:

Serves: 4 (If you want to share :-))
Cooking Time: 30 Mins
Chilling Time: 4 hours
Sweetened Condensed Milk – 400 gms
Thick Yogurt – 250 ml
Milk – 250 ml
Blend together the condensed milk, yogurt, and milk.
Pour into a steel vessel.
Cover well with a foil or a heavy lid. Anything that will prevent water from entering the vessel.
Steam in a pressure cooker without the weight for 15 minutes. 
Let the cooker cool completely to room temperature.
Chill the Bhapa Doi for 3 to 4 hours.


A Baked Broccoli Kofta Curry….


I absolutely love to find new recipes to try and am able to get a variety everyday on the Facebook interactive food group. With over 6000 members, I have made many friends and you can imagine the amount of vegetarian food dishes, recipes and ideas that are flying around.

I see so many that I wish to make, that now I have started to bookmark them. The first one I couldn’t wait to cook was The Baked Broccoli Kofta Curry by Swathi Pareek @ Cooking wid joy and what an outstanding recipe. Firstly what stood out at me was that the koftas were baked rather than fried and the ingredients were really healthy with hardly any use of oil.

What resulted was a superb curry with an intense broccoli hit of kofta in the most delectable tomato based curry. Swati! What a fantastic recipe!! One I know I will be making over and over again. Thank you so much!


It’s a must make…Do visit Swati and check out more tasty vegetarian recipes. Hope you all enjoy it. Have a relaxing, stress free Sunday! Much love D x

I followed the recipe with one acception.  I added a handful of cheddar cheese to the broccoli mash!  You know me and cheese! Lol!





Corn & Mozzarella Poppers With Italian Herbs


Since starting my foodie group on Facebook, SHARING FOOD WITH SHIVAAY DELIGHTS. I have met sooo many lovely people. We have all formed a foodie friend community and today I present you with a guest recipe from a very talented and innovative cook and friend Suchit Save

Yesterday he put these poppers up online and had us all drooling!!! So I thought it wasn’t fair, if I didn’t share this superb creativity with all WordPress friends.
Suchit is always coming up with funky food recipes and thinks about flavours and components that go so well together. I feel he is always thinking about food as are we, so he is in great company. I’m trying to convince him to come and join us on the food blogging scene. I know he will have a lot to offer and everyone will take to his genuine down to earth personality and gorgeous food recipes!

I will be hosting guest recipes here more often to encourage those awesome cooks out there, that don’t blog, to blog! and post their recipes! As we are missing out on all this delicious food at the moment…I’m working on it 😉

A very BIG Thank you to Suchit for allowing me to showcase his food and here’s to much more! Have a wonderful day, full of food, love and laughter. Much love, D x



1 cup boiled corn (Add salt, pepper a little butter and a stock cube for that added flavor)
1 cup boiled and mashed potatoes
Mozzarella Cheese (cubed as per your wish! I kept them a tad bit bigger as I want more cheese to filling ratio)
2 tsp Mixed Italian Herbs (Only Oregano and Chili flakes work best as well)
1 tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander
1 tsp garlic powder+ 1 tsp olive oil/1 tsp finely chopped garlic slowly cooked with a tsp of olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste


Combine all the above ingredients (except the mozzarella) and set aside. Now, take a tablespoon of the mixture and insert a mozzarella cube in the centre so that it is completely encased with the potato and corn mixture. Repeat till the filling is all used up.

Now here’s the fun part: Take 3 bowls…

Bowl 1: Maida + Salt + Paprika
Bowl 2: Egg (lightly beaten) with a little salt OR buttermilk (for vegetarians)
Bowl 3: Breadcrumbs

Dip the poppers in bowl 1 (shake off excess flour)
Then in bowl 2 (let the excess egg drip away) and finally into bowl 3 the breadcrumbs
Repeat for all poppers

Store poppers in the freezer for at least 15 mins before deep frying them to a golden brown!

Enjoy piping hot with any dip of your choice!

Karaisutir Kochuri or Peas Puri

A delicious treat of stuffed bread…which puffs up as soon as it hits the oil as you fry it. Gorgeous recipe from Jayeeta, Enjoy friends x

Cooking Delight

Nothing beats the idea of  starting the lazy Sunday morning with a breakfast of puris or luchi with Dum Aloo (spicy potato curry). However, puris can be of different kind and known as kachori, bhatura , nun etc. Among all, Peas Puri is my favourtie.

Since fresh peas used to be available only in winter months in India, Peas Puri was more of a winter delicacy. I still relish the memory of my mother preparing this while waiting seemed too long for me. My expertise in the whole process, however was limited to peeling off the peas back then. Now it is indeed a bit arduous to prepare all by myself, but the end result is worthy. Here goes the recipe of peas puri which you will not be tired of trying again and again.

Karaisutir Kochuri/Peas Puri with Aloor dum Karaisutir Kochuri/Peas Puri with Aloor dum

Ingredients for 20 pieces of puri :

For stuffing…

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Sharing Food On Shivaay Delights


Today’s food blogger choice is the vegan cook from the clear, concise and full of delicious food blog “Why not vegan?”


I saw this amazing picture. Roasted brussel sprouts with a garlic spaghetti, I know I will be trying this very soon. I always seem to forget that sprouts are available during the whole year and not just at Christmas where everyone eats them for tradition, rather than actually wanting to eat them!


The Why Not Vegan Blog and Spaghetti Recipe

Check out this food blog…it will inspire you! Much love, D x

Sharing Food On Shivaay Delights


This week I will be selecting and sharing wonderful fellow food blogger friends’ recipes.  There are so many talented cooks out there and I am inspired every time I go online.  I hardly own a lot of recipe books especially as I have always relied on fantastic food blogging recipes, from when I started to explore my passion for cooking and baking. 

Keep an eye out here all this week!  You may be featured on Shivaay Delights!  Enjoy your day!  Much love, D x

Monday’s recipe comes from


I came across Ainsley’s food blog at the weekend. It was her whole wheat chocolate chip cookies that lured me in to have a look


Golden, chunky chocolate chip cookies, I can’t wait to bake these recipe here!

Shivaay Delights… Sharing Super Blogs!


Hello my fabulous friends, hope your week was great! I have a busy day today as Indian wedding season kicks off here in the UK but I had to share my Fab 4 of the week. These brilliant bloggers are just sooooo cool! Check them out and please connect with them!

Here we go!…

Scratch it! from the extremely talented Tracy…I have seriously fallen in love with this blog! so versatile, so beautiful and so many varieties of recipes….
By Tracy “Just a Korean born, Polish raised, east coaster who’s fallen in love with the west coast, newlywed, who loves to cook and who is slightly obsessed with our four legged son and following adorable dogs on Instagram. With the help of my studly husband our goal is to cook entirely from scratch; here’s our journey to that lifestyle.”


How cute are these little mini ricotta chimichurri bruchettas? So pretty!…@

Laura’s Mess, I am truly inspired by Laura and she has been a friend from the beginning. A refreshing and pristine blog, so welcoming and simple and adorned by so much culinary creativity!

Healthy meals and in her own words ~ “our everyday menu consists of healthy food crammed full of whole grains, antioxidants, vegetables and good fats (probably 75% plant based) but we’re definitely not averse to the odd cream cake or two. You’ll see a mix of everything on here. I’ll try to maintain categories to make things user friendly.”


Pomegranate and star anise… how cool?! @

I came across Jill’s lemon meringue fudge recipe this week @ Crescent number nine and I couldn’t believe it! Lemon fudge…are you kidding me? the ultimate in amazingness! my favourite fruit with fudginess! It seriously can’t get better than this? Can it?!

Jill shares her bio with us and I can’t wait to make these squares of delight…

“I’m Jill and I’m a primary school teacher with a love of crafts, a passion for reading, an obsession for organisation and a desire to improve my lovely home. I am new to blogging but hope to be able to collate my thoughts, ideas and projects all in one place.
 I have a dream of one day having my very own craft room where I will be able to make and design things all day long”


My dear friend Ngan…an outstanding blogger, a talented cook, baker…who was one of my first WP friends that made a recipe of mine. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, knowing that something I created in my kitchen was being made in somebody else’s kitchen around the world! I’ll never forget that feeling and it’s all thanks to Ngan who posted my peas and potato curry recipe on her blog. She gave me the confidence to go on and spread my recipes further. Thank you honey!

I drool at her pictures of fantastic recipes and these macaroons are no exception!


Have a wonderful week ahead and I’ll be in touch! Much love D x