Family dinner!


Last night my younger brother and sister in law called us round for dinner along with my parents.

I had had a random weekend! And the wet, dreary weather had contributed to that also but my weekend definitely ended on a massive high.

I was a little tired when I got to their place but was very much re energised with the fantastic food that awaited us. Normally we would wait to eat together but yours truly was famished and the aroma of stuffed aloo paratha and dal was way too inviting that I had to have some immediately!

My sister in law insisted that I ate and I couldn’t wait! I was dipping the paratha into my dal only then to be greeted with these vibrant yellow dhokla (savoury cake) and a delightful hot green chutney. A healthy salad appeared on my plate of which the raw chunks of beetroot that I had always eaten pickled, sweetened my palate. I will be eating beetroot this way from now on. The earthiness and crunchiness had me hooked.

There is one thing I need to learn and that is “rai vara gaajar”(pickled carrots in a mustard seed dressing) This accompaniment really made the dish. Especially with the addition of tangy slices of bell pepper. One recipe I must get off my sister to share with you all!

Thank you sooo much for an amazing evening! And for lifting my spirits with great company and delicious food.
Missed my other brother and family as did my little one, that he said he wanted to go to his house after leaving his younger uncle’s home!

Here’s to even more fabulous family get togethers! Your all just brilliant! and thank you for being a part of my journey x