The Gift Of Food

Where are you from?  What is your Nationality?  These questions come up time and time again in our lives and all of a sudden I realised as I was about to go to sleep, that a nationality is merely a label.  Where do we come from? We are all Human and we belong to the human race!  And how are we all connected?

So many theories to delve into, so many people have had their say.  One quote I happened to read recently really summed these different ideologies up ~

“Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view” Wael Harakeh

The only thing, that I can think of that completely transcends different religions, nationalities, castes, cultures is FOOD. It’s amazing how these fantastic dishes from all over the world continue to spread and are liked by all who consume it,  but it will be easy for the same people to eat this wonderful food but still have a dislike from where these dishes have originated! 

So the positive thing I think we can take away from this ideology I’ve explored is, as our love of food grows even more and different cuisines are explored via the great channel that is the world wide web.  Maybe, just maybe! we can use this fascination of food to weave our own web of love towards all of mankind! 



14 thoughts on “The Gift Of Food

  1. Hello Dimple. So lovely to have found your blog. And yes, I believe that good food is a gift. And that God has given us so many different cultures and each culture creatively blesses us with different tastes and ways of making fine food. I’m following you now and look forward to receiving future posts and recipes.
    By the way, I’ve been to India twice. The first time was to Calcutta, Darjeeling and Pedong. The second time was to stay for three months in Jaipur while my husband was doing a frontier media school. We both love Indian food. And I loooooovvvvveeee chapatis. Every Saturday we’d have stuffed chapatis for breakfast. Soooooooo goooooood. Blessings

    • Hi…thank you so much for visiting me. It’s so great to be in touch with you. I really hope that we can all apply oneness to each other and live peacefully. Hopefully the love of food can help us with this!
      You’ve done more travelling in India then I have. I wish I could just go to India to explore all the wonderful things it has to offer. But mostly we find ourselves with family. My husband and I are definitely going to just travel India one day! I look forward to reading your posts too!
      Much love D x

      • India is definitely a place I would return to again. My hubby (and maybe I) will be going to Mizoram, in the far north-east next July. He’s going to be teaching for two weeks there. I really hope I get to go too. I’m sure that Mizoram would be a whole different cultural experience. Which part of India is your family from? By the way, congratulations on the loyal dragon award nomination. I’m new to blogging so I don’t really understand how all the award stuff works and all yet. Blessings –Staci

  2. One of the things that I really like about the wordpress admin/stats page is seeing all the different countries that people are in, or from, to find one’s blog. The world isn’t a perfect place, but if we could start to appreciate people in their respective countries, by looking at their food, maybe we can feel less hostile and have less war as a result. Okay, I’m stepping down from the soapbox now. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  3. Beautifully said, I agree so much and it’s my whole philosophy and why I love working with food and have done all my life. Makes me feel as if you’re my sister from another mother 🙂

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