Worded Wednesday


We have just hit the magic 11k number in our group “Sharing Food With Shivaay Delights”

If you are on Facebook, please feel free to join us on our food journey, where we share our love of vegetarian food on an international scale.

Come post your foodie blog posts!  Hope to see you all there…

Much love, D x



A Cherried Chianti


We bought this wine earlier this week, which is from the Tuscany region of Italy.  I don’t drink red wine easily as some are so full bodied and overwhelming but this particular Chianti appealed to my light palette.

It has sour notes with a soothing warm feeling as you sip.  I was amazed to sense the cherry flavour that I tasted almost immediately as it has mainly cherry notes running through it. An easy wine to drink and quite delicious. Went really well with a roasted vegetable oven baked pizza. I know I will be buying and drinking this again soon!

If you get the chance..Do try it and let me know how you like it. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends.  I promise more food recipes coming up next week!  Much love, D x

Loving My New Cards…


I finally got round to designing my name cards. From being an optician to writing about food…What a career change! But I would have it no other way! I am really loving exploring and cooking all types of vegetarian food. I can’t wait to get into my kitchen and start cooking some more.

Hope you are all well friends. Do please come join me on Facebook and Twitter for lots more foodie interaction!

Have a beautiful day friends..Much love, D x

7000 & Growing strong!!!


We are now up to 7,000 members/friends in our “SHARING FOOD WITH SHIVAAY DELIGHTS” food group over on Facebook

I am trying to get round to as many bloggers as possible and personally invite them to post their links of amazing baking treats and vegetarian dishes and recipes I see everyday here on WordPress.

If you wish to join please add yourself here @ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1433687623575418?ref=bookmark

With over 7000 new foodie friends I’m sure you will pick up some more lovely visitors to your individual blogs.  They will be able to see all the delightful food that I am privileged to view on a daily basis. It’s also another platform to share your food blog on!

You need to be on Facebook to join.  Please add yourself and your own family and friends.  I will join you all as soon as!

See you there too friends! Much love, D x