Flaxseed Power

Recently I read on a Facebook post that by eating flax seeds we are not really getting the benefit as they just pass through our internal system.

The best way to absorb all the nutrients and the Omega oils that make this seed a wonder food is to blend it or grind it and put it in something and consume.

I thought what better then to add the seeds to a tomato pasta sauce which in turn gave it more of a thick texture and it stuck to the penne really well!

Simply add a tablespoon of flax seeds to your chopped tomatoes and Blitz and then make your own pasta sauce accordingly!

This is definitely one for the kids especially if they are Fussy Eaters and all they want is pasta with cheese and tomato.

I also add mine to my fruit smoothies.

Hope this helps their friends and that you are all keeping well!

Love Dimple


2 thoughts on “Flaxseed Power

  1. Great idea – ground flaxseeds also work well added to soaked oats. Baking would be another option – but I have read somewhere that heat destroys the benefits….

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