Chilli cheese fingers


Today’s quick and easy snacky type of lunch consisted of my 2 favourite things! CHILLI & CHEESE!!! You know how much I love cheese from my past recipes but chilli only came into play after I got married and even more after I had my two children.

When I was young I just couldn’t handle any heat, I felt like it would irritate my stomach but now it’s a very different story. I just am addicted to that hit and buzz of heat from the chilli on my tongue and I seriously can’t get enough. Must have been the baby hormones that changed me this much! Lol!


So it’s Saturday, I was hoping to get our weekly shop done but decided that I will try and have a food clear out week and make recipes based on what I have. With no fresh vegetables, the cheese, green chilli, dried oregano combination came up adorned in a crispy tortilla wrap.

I know really easy huh? But the trio of flavours worked well alone…no need for tomato either! Leaving the saltiness of the cheddar, the heat of the chilli and an Italian note from the oregano….ummmm bellisimo!


Ready made tortilla wraps
Fresh green chilli sliced finely
Grated cheddar cheese
Dried oregano
Olive oil


• Heat a little oil in a non stick frying pan on a low to medium heat, lay down the tortilla and on half of it sprinkle the cheese and oregano


• Place as much chilli as you wish, depending upon the heat factor you wish to achieve and then fold


• Using a spatula press down. Cook on both sides until golden brown and the cheese has melted and is stringy


• Take out the folded wrap and slice into fingers. Great for toddlers without the chilli as a finger food!


Enjoy with a dipping sauce of your choice. I went with a tangy Mexican sauce that I love! So Mexican quesedilla with an Italian twist!


19 thoughts on “Chilli cheese fingers

  1. Excellent. I posted something similar today, called taquitos, a Mexican delight and came done this way too.
    I hear a on going overboard with chillies. I am in the same boat…have to put my mouth on fire every time 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous quesadilla and a flavorful recipe. I, too, have grown to love spicy chiles. My husband is a big fan! We always have too many in our garden – great recipe! Good call on the sharp cheddar – and lots of it (I love cheese, too!). I like the Italian spin on the dish with oregano. The grilled tortilla looks so soft and savory with the melted cheese.

  3. These would be delicious, Dimple. Cheesy goodness with a bit of a kick. I once helped a friend do some contracting work and the client, a Mexican woman, made quesadillas with homemade tortillas everyday for her kids’ after-school snacks. She included us, too. What a treat!

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