Keep The Cauliflower Stalk!


I love sour foods! Be it sweets, fruits or pickles. Most importantly this love was exaggerated in pregnancy.  Both times I craved more and more sour delicacies.  From your standard pickled onion craving to fizzy strawberry liquorice laces!  I can just imagine the sharp tang on my tongue as I write!

Salty and sour, these two types indicate a boy according to an old wives tale.  This very much was true for me.  Ummm salt and vinegar crisps the perfect combination to satisfy me. It also helped stop my nausea!

One thing I really took to and couldn’t get enough of was my Dad’s special cauliflower pickled raw salad.  I’m not kidding this is the best stuff ever and in pregnancy tasted even more awesome!


So from the picture above you can see the main cauliflower florets not used in this pickle but the stalk.  My Dad uses the rest of the vegetable for a cauliflower masala curry and then saves the stalk to make this picquant raw pickle!

So keep the stalk and follow these simple steps to create your own pickle to munch on and savour.


Cauliflower stalk diced
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Salt to taste
Dried Oregano


• Place all the ingredients in a bowl and massage the cauliflower in the lemon dressing

• Leave to stand for 30 minutes at least so that the flavours are absorbed into the cauliflower

And enjoy! Have a peaceful Sunday, much love D x



24 thoughts on “Keep The Cauliflower Stalk!

  1. Wow – I have to say that cauliflowe has quickly become my favourite veg (cauli mash, rice, tabbouleh………) But this idea is totally new to me. Loving it!

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