Chocolate & Clementine Cookies

Love orange and chocolate flavours together…Always a favourite in our home!

Shivaay Delights


Thinking back about six years, I would say that chocolate chip cookies were one of the first sweet treats that stirred my passion for baking. I would make them on the go and the most interesting thing was that I used to grill them to bake them, if that makes any sense! Lol! Our fan oven didn’t work and the trusty grill was used to heat, grill and bake. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was, when we decided to change it. I finally got my own oven. As you can see I haven’t stopped since!

Now that we approach the festive period we will be seeing colourful bright clementines everywhere. My little one loves them and they are a family favourite, as is chocolate! This morning, I discovered our family Christmas cookie by fusing these two stunning flavours together.


I have purposely used less sugar and kept to…

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