Instant Loaded Egg Paratha


My husband is always watching Indian street food videos on YouTube.  This is one particular dish that he was checking and that I was extremely intrigued by.
I think you all know me by now, in that I love to cook really, really simple food and am not embarrassed in taking short cuts to get to the final yummy result!


This is one of those easy than easier recipes, yet so satisfying and filling.  The protein hit from the egg and cheese really reaches the spot!  Make sure that you have some ready made parathas or frozen parathas like I used in this recipe and you are ready to go my friends!

Enjoy, see you soon! Much love, D x



Frozen paratha/ready made paratha
Large eggs
Grated mature cheddar cheese
Spring onion sliced
Chopped fresh coriander
Chilli flakes
Salt and pepper to taste


Place the frozen paratha in a frying pan and cook through on both sides to a medium golden brown.  Spread a little butter on one side


Crack one egg onto the buttered paratha and break the yolk gently.  Load on all other ingredients and seasoning


Cover with a large lid on a low heat for 5 or so minutes or until egg is firm


Fold the paratha and serve with a hot chilli sauce



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