Shivaay Delights..Sharing Super Blogs


I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my Fab four blogs with you last week and here I introduce you all my friends, to four more wonderful bloggers…
I’ve found it so difficult to share only four blogs a week, as I just want to share so many! However in time I know I will get round to you, as I appreciate you all. I’m also loving the fact that I am able to explore new blogs too by doing this post. So I am having way too much fun!

☆ I start off with Afra Cooking…Afra started her blog in March 2012 after her kitchen had been newly renovated. What a fantastic way to start! Her first post was one of my most favourite foods in the whole wide world..the perfect boiled egg. This is what I love about Afra, she cooks what makes her happy and in turn that joyful energy comes through to the reader. A lovely person and one who has supported me and Shivaay Delights, both here on WordPress and on Facebook. Thank you honey…


This is an absolute stunning tarte tatin and the picture…simply splendid!

☆ Jhuls…Jhuls..Jhuls! A dear friend who comments on my posts daily, who is a kind and loving soul. Who is also very generous when it comes to giving away awards. So here I repay her love and kindness. The blog she has titled “The not so creative cook”, but that is so far from the truth! Jhuls cooks everything and its extremely creative, I especially love her baking. In particular these


The narrative is fantastic and funny and she is like a ray of sunshine in my life. Thank you Jhuls!

☆ I have recently come across Aneela’s blog “The odd pantry” , The way she writes is very entertaining. She has a way with words and the food is fantastic…Her own about description of herself wil keep you hooked. It did me!
“I am an Indian transplant in San Francisco who loves to cook. I love to cook because I love to eat; I get bored easily, and I need constant experiments to keep my palate from snoozing.”

A lovely bright layout, so welcoming and warm, just like Aneela’s personality


☆ On to the lovely Serena @ The rustic plate..a blog that had me at rustic. Fresh ingredients prepared in a simple way, and boy does Serena do that! Stunning compilation of dishes and recipes to comfort your inner child. Just wow! From breads and biscuits to salads and sweet treats. You will find everything you want at the rustic plate. Go roam around and have a look for yourself….



44 thoughts on “Shivaay Delights..Sharing Super Blogs

  1. Yay! Thank you so much, Dimple!! I really appreciate you doing this kind of thing – it’s so kind of you! You really have a good heart as we discover more awesome bloggers through this. Keep it up. ❤

  2. You are such a sweatheart! It is so generous and lovely of you to mention my blog! I am heading straight over to the other blogs. Big warm hug!

  3. great collection of recipes, love the hershey chocolates, and overall the way you have showcased different cooks and their personalities both by your description and by the dishes you chose to introduce them by!

  4. You’re so awesome Dimple… honestly. Thank you for sharing these lovely bloggers… I adore Jhuls, Afra, and Serena… and am excited to get to know Aneela! I love that blog name… The Odd Pantry. Way too cute. 🙂 You are a gem, my friend. xx ❤

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