Caramel Profiteroles: A stab at French patisserie

These are out of this world!!!! from my dear friend Sam @ teaandsesame!

tea and sesame

Caramel Profiteroles Caramel Profiteroles: My attempt at recreating 

On a recent break to Nice in the south of France, I had the most delicious profiterole dessert from a local patisserie that was open until 10pm! Imagine if such an amazing thing existed in my home town?! I’d never have an emergency dessert baking moment again… Oh to dream!

So while in France, it’s obligatory to eat as much from the local patisseries as possible,from breakfast croissants to afternoon treats after a long day of sightseeing. Well that’s what I think anyway!

Caramel Profiteroles from Nice, France This is a photo of the Caramel Profiteroles I had in Nice, France- doesn’t it look so perfect and delicious?

So as you can see this dessert was amazing and I haven’t seen it available anywhere since. The choux pastry was crisp and the creme patissiere not too sweet. The burnt caramel offset the cream perfectly and I was so sad to eat…

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The Ultimate Grilled Cheese & Tomato Roll

It’s Saturday! Go on treat yourself! Plus it’s grilled cheese month!! So you have to make this and Enjoy!

Shivaay Delights


Cheese and tomato for me is totally a heavenly combination. I could just chomp on chunks of mature cheddar and juicy succulent tomatoes!
No wonder I fancied it yesterday again!

I saw a light wholegrain roll sitting there on the kitchen top, with my clean frying pan fresh out of the dishwasher, only one thing came to mind! I pictured a grilled cheese roll and with the abundance of cherry tomatoes I had recently bought, I was so not going to pass up the chance to have this gorgeous lunch!


It took not even 10 minutes before I had this grilled thing of beauty in my hands. But the only thing I regret is not having another roll to devour a second. Rolls are on my shopping list! I must not forget!


1 soft roll white/wholegrain
Mature cheddar thin slices
4 cherry tomatoes halved

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