Inspired Tabouleh

I fancy some Tabouleh today!

Shivaay Delights


I finally got my hands on some Quinoa and am so happy to have made it this year. As The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has officially declared that the year 2013 be recognised as “The International Year of the Quinoa.”


I also had to make it after seeing Sylvia @ Superfoodista version of Faes @ Twist and Tango tabouleh. Both these fellow gorgeous foodie bloggers inspire me everyday! And I just love their recipes!

I didn’t have mint or parsley so used fresh coriander in its place. I must say it worked splendidly! Gave the tabouleh more of an Indian feel. My husband and I have liked this so much that we’ve now had it two days in a row!



50g Quinoa
200ml boiling water
3 spring onions chopped finely
1 tomato finely chopped
Handful of fresh coriander chopped
Fresh lemon to taste

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Food For The Soul…


“Cooking with love, provides food for the soul” This is how I feel everyday when I cook for my family and friends and even more so, when I share my recipes and connect with you all…

I find myself cooking new varieties and different dishes everyday in order to keep it fun and interesting!

After all “variety is the spice of life!” I have yet many more spices and experiences to uncover!


I just wanted to do a Thank you! post to let you know how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart ♡ with all the support that I get daily and the love received from all of you, my wonderful friends!



Off to create something new now…so I’ll see you tomorrow @ Angie’s Fiesta Friday Party!

Much love, D x