White Chocolate & Coconut Cookies

Hi friends…Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Today I’ve had a really busy day and my feet haven’t touched the ground. All I’ve been thinking about are these cookies and a nice cup of tea. So I thought you may like some too…I’ll be back tomorrow with my Fab 4 of the week…
Take care, enjoy! Much love D x

Shivaay Delights


Ok, so we are 4 days into the new year and the baking has already begun. On request of my eldest, might I add! who wanted some cookies and I only had a bite! See I’m trying to be good! As I sit here chomping on a chocolate spread sandwich lol!


We made them yesterday, especially for some dear family friends of mine. A family that lived a few doors away from me when I was young and where I spent most of my afternoons after school.

I’ve known the not so little ones anymore since they were tiny. I loved to play with the children and if I was sitting in my bedroom doing my homework, they would both be standing on their swings and calling out for me to come over! I see that sweet image so vividly still x


It’s no surprise that both my babies have…

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