Potato & Spinach Vara Canapés

I will be making these again today…so had to share! Have a super spicy Sunday..I know I will, with these 😉

Shivaay Delights


After much love for the saag aloo recipe earlier this week I thought I would use the same ingredients but prepare it in a different way. Behold the aloo saag canapé, the potato and spinach vara balls. Ideal to be served at a party or social gathering with drinks.


Typically an Indian starter or snack the vada is normally heavily spiced and seasoned but to give it a more refreshing taste, I changed it so that the potato filling is more refreshing and light. Butter is not added to the original potato vara but I wanted a comforting taste and I think along with the spinach which is also a new addition I have achieved this!

Easy to make and prepare in advance or semi prepare the potato mixture into balls and fry off in the chickpea batter when your guests arrive, so that they are hot and crispy! Enjoy!…

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