Creamy White Enchiladas

All I am craving is mexican food and cheese cheese cheese! I am going shopping and all these ingredients are so on my list for today…Have a super Saturday and enjoy! Much love D x

Shivaay Delights


My first memory of going to a Mexican restaurant is with my Uncle and Aunts. I was astounded by all the colourful paraphernalia and the mexican music beat that kept my feet tapping. It’s amazing to recall this time from the depths of my memory! I can close my eyes and I’m sitting right there on a large rustic wooden table with my family and clasped in my hand my very first sweet strawberry daquiri mocktail!

My tongue was greeted with the most sensational flavours I have ever tasted and I found myself hooked on this new cuisine! From that time on I made Mexican at home and still love to experiment with different components to give my Mexican recipes a different edge.

My Husband fancied Mexican recently and I felt the urge to mix things up a bit. We’ve all had enchiladas with a fiery tomato sauce. But I…

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