Mexican Roasted Veg Pitta Pockets


Yesterday I raided my fridge and cupboards and made a quick, easy and healthy supper.  I love roasting vegetables but it is only recently that I have been so very inspired by my dear friend Elaine over @ Foodbod to create dips and pastes, to accompany my our meals

Yesterday I had some lovely aubergines so I thought I would team it up with some tangy cherry tomatoes and a sweet red onion that caramelize whilst it was roasted.  I added a Mexican touch to the vegetable paste using lime, ground coriander & cumin powder.  Whilst most of the yummy flavours came from the amalgamation of the veg


So here you have my Mexican Roasted Veg Pitta Pockets, healthy, good and fun!
Have a great day, much love D x


2 medium aubergines chopped into chunks
8 cherry tomatoes
1 red onion chopped
1 tbsp sunflower oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp coriander & cumin powder
Fresh lime to taste

Mexican rice
Wholegrain pitta bread
Grated Cheddar cheese



• Preheat oven to 200°c.  Pour a the oil into a roasting tray add all aubergine, tomato and red onion

• Sprinkle on some salt and the coriander & cumin powder.  Using your hands massage the oil and seasoning into the veg

• Roast for 25-35 minutes or until soft and squishy


• Place all the roasted vegetables into a blender with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and whizz to a semi paste


• Toast the pitta bread, slice into half and fill with some Mexican rice


Then place some aubergine paste.  Finally scatter a little cheese..all good to go!



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