My Writing Process Blog Tour


I am so excited that Ada @ More Food Please invited me to be a part of the My Writing Process blog tour! I have followed Ada’s blog from when I started to blog. She is an inspiration to me and also has become a dear friend on Facebook via WordPress. Ada’s recipes are soooo yummy and you’ll be wanting More food always as you look through her posts!


For those who are unfamiliar with how the blog tour works, I answer a set of questions about my writing process and then introduce three other bloggers who will answer the same set of questions next week. Each of them would also introduce a set of three bloggers for the following week, and so on.

Recently I am finding that I am writing a lot more for my blog but my favourite Baking element has been put on hold…that and I’m trying to lose weight for my cousin’s wedding in August! So I’m trying not to tempt fate and bake any goodies lol!

My blog covers a range of vegetarian recipes that I either write up or adapt, mainly dependent upon the ingredients I have in the fridge. I have also written about Ayurveda which I have been interested in since I was a teenager. It is now that my passion for cooking that was stirred by the encouragement from my Aunt, allows me to explore this fascination even more.

The main reason for me starting the blog last year in July 2013 is because of my Aunt, who passed over of Cancer and who I have dedicated my blog Shivaay Delights to. I write to keep the passion of cooking which she ignited in me and to keep her memory alive! Recently I made a dish that I had made with her and it brought back such wonderful memories.

I write about my day to day experiences with food, be it cooking or eating or even pictures or thoughts I may have come across that insires me. I also write a weekly “Sharing super blogs” post, where I choose my Fab Four Bloggers off the week. I’m hoping to get round to all of my stunning blogging friends and their amazing blogs…

So without further ado let me introduce you to 3 more brilliant bloggers, who are close to my heart…and who will carry on the writing tour next week….

Firstly Sonal over @ Simply Vegetarian 777. A creative vegetarian blogger, a friend and most importantly has taken on the roll of my surrogate chilli sister as we both can’t get enough of it! She has always encouraged me and welcomed me into her blogging world and friends. Her recipes are divine, bursting full of flavour and you’ll always find something different to experience on a daily basis.


Now comes my incredible Italian friend Michaela who explores her love of Italian food and from whom I have learnt to make authentic Italian dishes. Her tiramisu is to die for! I can’t wait to meet her one day and cook with her. Holiday in Italy…friends and food what more could you ask for! But for now go have yourself an Italian journey via Easy Italian Cuisine


Prudy, Prudy, Prudy…my stunning friend over @ Butter, Basil & Breadcrumbs . She is a gorgeous person, never forgets to leave beautiful words after every recipe I write but must importantly I am inspired by her loveable energy and beyond original recipe ideas. Her logo is soooo cool and so is she…so please had over to and see for yourself…


Thank you so much Ada , for allowing me to be a part of this tour! I am looking forward to reading the posts for next week’s blog tour!

See you all soon…much love D x


Shivaay Delights…Sharing Super Blogs!


I want to show my appreciation to my fellow foodie blogger friends,  for all the support and love they give to me on a regular basis.  Awards are lovely but I really wanted to show off individual creations from these wonderful cooks.  So today starts the first of many Sharing Super Blogs posts and fantastic food creations…

I start off with Prudy from Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs…a beautiful person and an amazing cook.  She has a variety of foods that she posts and her skills are endless.  A beautiful lay out of her blog, especially the characterized cook busy in the kitchen entices you to come back and see what more Prudy has been cooking and baking away.  I particularly love this recipe that I saw this week from Prudy…


Looks so delish…I posted it on my Facebook page and so many people have loved it too…Strawberry Banana & Cheesecake Splits…Thanks for always being there Prudy…x

The pretty Lillian over @ Sugar and Cinnamon is a very talented pattisier who not only tries to make healthy versions of her favorite desserts but tries her hand at Vegan recipes plus she herself is lactose intolerant.  This doesn’t stop her.  Lillian never fails to amaze me with the range and variety of desserts she creates and posts.  I like Sugar and Cinnamon and you can see that in my recipes but I love Lillian’s “Sugar and Cinnamon” blog!


A stunning picture showcasing Lillian’s Chocolate & Coconut Tarts.  How can you resist them???

Next is amazing Amruta..who is over @ Minty Chai…love the blog name, as I love mint and can’t do without my chai! In her own words “Cooking and baking is my favorite way to unwind and photography is a hobby I developed as I travelled around and wanted to capture the world from my perspective.” And boy does she capture it well. You must see her outstanding photography…here is just a snippet


This extremely elegant Fig And Mascarpone Tart had me at the fact that the figs are homegrown! Wow…How I would love to grow such exquisite fruit…The flavour combination is superb and I for one can’t wait to make it!

I have recently started following the lovely Farianti over @ Simple Delights..I absolutely adore her simple style of cooking and the delights she creates are too good not to be shared. You all know my love for Nutella, so when I saw this Nutella Filled French Toast recipe…my mouth was watering just by looking at the pictures


Follow Farianti and you will be introduced to delightful recipes and such a kind person. Thank you for your support for Shivaay Delights!

So here you have my Fab Four for the week and I will be back next week with some more incredible fellow blogger friends that I wish to show off and thank!
Have yourselves an exciting Easter break, much love D x

Ice In A Pink Paradise…


I am missing dear Fae @Twist & Tango as she cant make it to the party today I thought I would bring one of her beautiful dishes that I made to the Fiesta Friday party Fiesta Friday Party
over at the lovely Angie’s!

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did…forever grateful to the fabulous Fae and thank you to Angie for always being such a wonderful host! Have a gorgeous weekend!

Much love, D x

Shivaay Delights


One of my amazing fellow food bloggers who I hold in very high esteem who has encouraged me from the very beginning of my blogging, has inspired me for this post. Fae @ Twist and Tango very recently posted a recipe for Ice In Paradise/Yakh Dar Behesht. A sweet Persian dessert that I fell in love with straight away. I knew I had to make it once I had seen it!

I had all the ingredients to go, apart from the clear rose water but I had a dark pink rose syrup that I used in its place. Which now makes it ice in a pink paradise! I have halved the original recipe, as it’s just for my family!

So beautiful and so very elegant, the creaminess of the diamond chilled delicacy just melts in your mouth. Thank you Fae for introducing me to this gorgeous dessert! And for all…

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