Karaisutir Kochuri or Peas Puri

A delicious treat of stuffed bread…which puffs up as soon as it hits the oil as you fry it. Gorgeous recipe from Jayeeta, Enjoy friends x

Cooking Delight

Nothing beats the idea of  starting the lazy Sunday morning with a breakfast of puris or luchi with Dum Aloo (spicy potato curry). However, puris can be of different kind and known as kachori, bhatura , nun etc. Among all, Peas Puri is my favourtie.

Since fresh peas used to be available only in winter months in India, Peas Puri was more of a winter delicacy. I still relish the memory of my mother preparing this while waiting seemed too long for me. My expertise in the whole process, however was limited to peeling off the peas back then. Now it is indeed a bit arduous to prepare all by myself, but the end result is worthy. Here goes the recipe of peas puri which you will not be tired of trying again and again.

Karaisutir Kochuri/Peas Puri with Aloor dum Karaisutir Kochuri/Peas Puri with Aloor dum

Ingredients for 20 pieces of puri :

For stuffing…

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3 thoughts on “Karaisutir Kochuri or Peas Puri

  1. Jayeeta has all kinds of yummy recipes of her blog and this is the one that first caught my eye. Then we got talking and she mentioned Radha Ballavi and so came about her guest post for my blog….. 🙂

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