A Quick Mashed Tomato Bruschetta


Sometimes you’ll find that my recipes are all about the assembling! this was my lunch yesterday. I find myself pairing things up that I have and creating something new for my tastebuds nearly everyday!

This keeps food exciting and I get variation aswell as using up ingredients that I have in the kitchen. It’s a win win situation! πŸ™‚


I love tomatoes and in this dish as they are boiled to soften instead of fried, this becomes a much healthier dish. The garlic granules really adds a tasty dimension. You can choose a bagel of your choice either made or bought. I’m still to conquer bagel making, it’s on my list of things to do!



2 tomatoes boiled deskinned
1 bagel (red onion & chive)
Low fat butter spread
Garlic granules


Slice and toast the bagel, spread the butter on both halves

Take one tomato and mash a little, place on one half of the bagel, season with a little salt and a sprinkling of garlic granules

Repeat for the other bagel half


Make a cup of tea and enjoy


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