Smoked Paprika & Lemon Hummus

A healthy dip for the weekend..I’ll be sure to make it today!
Have a wonderful weekend, Much love D x

Shivaay Delights


A light snack for me last night!  Something healthy and filling.  It is quicker making hummus at home then it is going to buy a small tub of it from the shops.  This way you have it fresh and a lot more for your money!

I based the hummus flavour upon the peri peri spice base that has been really popular here with everyone on the blog!  I incorporated some natural yoghurt to give the hummus a creamy texture and to help cut through the spice and tang of the peri peri and lemon.  I know that I will be making more varieties of hummus as my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I can’t wait…much love D x



1 tin chickpeas rinsed and drained
2 small garlic cloves
½ lemon juice
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp coriander & cumin powder
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
¼ tsp dried…

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