Blanched Asparagus…


When I saw elegant looking spears of asparagus make an appearance on Selma’s blog, “Selma’s Table” I just knew that i had to buy some and couldn’t wait to devour!
Until now I hadn’t just blanched them in hot water but oh my god will I be doing this again! Sweet, tender, crisp to the bite and now oil. The soft poached egg also provides a silky yolk sauce to dip the spears in….Awwww…I’m in heaven!


10~12 asparagus spears
Fresh eggs
Wholewheat bread
Sea salt to taste
White vinegar
Boiled water


Poaching the egg
To be honest it is only very recently that I have been able to poach the perfect egg to my liking, this is the method that has given me great results

In a shallow medium frying pan, pour in boiling water and set to simmer on low. Add a few drops of white vinegar to bind the egg. Crack the egg slowly into the middle of the pan


Let the egg simmer for 5 to 7 minutes depending on how soft you want your egg

Turn off the heat and carefully remove from the water, rest on a kitchen towel to absorb the water. Place on some buttered toast

Blanching the asparagus

Place the spears in a bowl of very hot water and rest them for 6 to 8 minutes

Remove and drain the asparagus. Place with the egg and toast and season with flakes of salt