My First Indian Rice Pudding


Kheer is a creamy saffron and cardamom infused rice pudding. One to be honest I have not really taken to, until now. Having made it for the first time yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised that I quite liked it. That I just made some for my Dad who had popped round to spend some time with me. Now once my little ones wake up from their nap. I am going to introduce it to them, hopefully they will like it from a younger age unlike their Mum who seems to have appreciated it recently.

A very comforting bowl of sweet milky rice. With warm notes of Indian spices…why oh why? Did I not make this earlier? It’s a must try, do give it a go friends and let me know your verdict!

Have a beautiful start to the week, much love, D x



600ml full fat milk
3 heaped tbsp long grain rice
5 tsp sugar or to taste
1 to 2 cardamom pods
Pinch of saffron
Crushed pistachio


Rinse the rice and soak in some water for 30 minutes

Boil 500ml milk, once brought to a boil. Add the rice and stir

Simmer on a very low heat. Once the rice is half cooked, add the sugar, saffron and crushed cardamom seeds


Continue to cook on a low simmer. Pour in the remaining 100ml of milk and stir. Cook until the rice becomes mushy and the milk thick and creamy, stirring occasionally

Serve warm or cold with a crushed pistachio garnish