Roasted vegetables with a garlic butter bean mash


Mashed potato, a recipe that appered no later than 1747 by Hannah Glasse in The Art of Cookery shows that it has been around for a very long time. We all have our ways and different versions of mash so I thought I would share mine with you all. I’ve added butter beans to make it even more satisfying and it goes really well with the potato that my husband didn’t even realise there were beans in it. The roasted garlic takes it to another level with the aroma and flavour to go with it! Whilst the tasty med veg takes on the chilli and each others juices are absorbed into one another during roasting. Stunning on its own but even better with the mash!


1 medium aubergine diced into 2 cm chunks
1 large onion
8 garlic cloves in skin
1 large courgette sliced
1 yellow bell pepper diced in chunks
250g cherry/mini plum tomatoes
Olive oil
Salt to taste
1/4 dried red chilli seeds

For the mash
6 large white potatoes peeled and sliced into chunks
1 tin of butter beans
2 cloves of the roast garlic peeled
splash of milk
1 tbsp butter
Salt to taste


1. Throw in all the veg including garlic into a baking tray. Drizzle the olive oil, add chilli seeds and salt and roast in the oven at 180ยบc/350ยบf/gas mark 4 for around 20~30 minutes until all vegetables are tender


2. In a large saucepan boil the sliced potatoes til tender, drain and add 2 roast garlic cloves from the roast veg tray, the butter beans, milk, butter and salt to taste and mash until smooth




3. Serve the roasted vegetables with the garlic bean butter mash. If your feeling naughty you could have a little more butter on top of your mash! You can clearly see I was from the picture below lol!



8 thoughts on “Roasted vegetables with a garlic butter bean mash

  1. Aren’t roasted vegetables the best? I love to add garlic to mashed potatoes but have never thought to add beans of any kind to the mash. I’m very curious about this one, Dimple. ๐Ÿ™‚

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