Our first dinner date!


Yesterday evening was the first time my husband and I went out without the boys for dinner. My lovely parents baby sat, but we both still felt a part of us was missing or that we had to do something…adjust car seats, hand them toys, drinks! Lol. It felt strange to just be able to sit in a car and just drive!

We went out to a multi cuisine restaurant. If I said that to Gordon Ramsey I think he would have started to shout and scream at me by now! (Gordon doesn’t do mixed cuisine on menus)

It was a mix of Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican food! When I went in to this enourmous restaurant I felt like I had just entered a hotel dining room. Lay out so similar and chefs at each station at your beck and call. The only thing is that our romantic dinner date ended up not being waited on but we were self-serving! Didn’t matter…the food looked good, especially the desserts OMG!

My husband and I wandered up to the Indian station and helped ourselves to some stunning paneer masala, vegetable pilau rice, bombay aloo and fresh naan out of the tandoor! It was goooood let me tell you!



It started to get busy as we went up a second time in this all you can eat buffet. I had just started to get my second round when my eye caught the desserts! Ok! Change of plan! I’m now going to get some delicious salad with a few dainty chinese spring rolls and boy were they good!

To make ultimate space for the impending luxurious desserts that I was about to devour and the calories!!!


I sent my husband to go get the desserts as I think having seen them all nicely arranged just looking at me I would have had no self control!

And I was right!


The brownies with the delicate chocolate ganaché was so moist and the balance of cocoa to sugar just right!

Who doesn’t love fluffy marshmallows smothered in silky chocolate fondant???

But the one thing I was totally amazed by and was left speechless by…does that ever happen? Yes it did!

These Gulab Jamun, an Indian sweet of soft delicious sponginess that I do enjoy normally but this just took this particular dish to another level!


Seriously they were the best I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few! These soft squidgy jamun soaked in hot sugared syrup. Let me tell you that was the highlight of the evening! I couldn’t stop raving about it! that my Husband went and got me some more! Just to shut me up…no not really lol. But I did have some more that is the truth. I think he just wanted to see that reaction again as he himself couldn’t believe how good they were. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I’m so tempted to put in a special request to the chef there so I can be taught how to make these beauties to share with you all.

All in all a great dinner out but I missed my boys. Especially as they too would’ve loved the food! Next time I’ll take them along to raid all the food counters!

So here you have it our first dinner date after having the children ended on a very sweet note with me craving more. Next time lets just go there for dessert. Don’t worry I will take you all along too!


Enjoy your weekend, Much love D xxxx