Sunny Sunday Breakfast!


It is now the end of September and we are still being treated to some wonderful bright and warm days. Aren’t we lucky? It should be raining and wind should be gusting around! But I am ever thankful for this stunning weather as we can still enjoy our long walks in the park. 

We head off around the path trail, knowing at the end of it we will be welcomed with a delicious hot English breakfast that awaits us and our tired feet.  I’ve had this particular breakfast twice now and it really feels like its been made in my own kitchen! I guess that’s why I keep coming back for more! 


My 2 year old thinks that the salty halloumi cheese is paneer and gobbles both my grilled slabs of halloumi up! Along with my fried tomatoes! I hardly get a look in lol! But when I do! the halloumi goes so well with the whole traditional English breakfast.  I absolutely love the poached soft eggs they make at this café.  I so need to practice how to poach perfectly! That is on my to do list!

I only came across halloumi a few years ago in a vegetarian couscous wrap I had bought once for lunch.  I enjoyed it so much that decided to find recipes and cook with it.  One is my Roasted vegetable bake with pan fried halloumi


I will be incorporating halloumi in a breakfast dish soon that will be sure to appear here!

So after a long walk, filling breakfast we are now back home and on with our Sunday…cleaning, cooking and chilling! The 3 C’s.
Have a restful day everyone! Love D xxxx


Oh yes and I baked these blueberry, coconut and lemon squares yesterday for my best friend’s baby’s birthday party. They went down a treat!

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