One-Hour Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Frosting.

From the lovely Anna..I just want one now! x

At Anna’s Kitchen Table


You know how some recipes manage to just worm their little way into your overloaded brain, mingle around with every other thought in there and somehow refuse to leave until you’ve made them?

Yes, this recipe is one of those. Deservedly so. Wickedly so.

Cinnamon rolls in an hour? Start to finish? Can it be done? What about proving the dough?

NO proving you say?! Now this I have to try…always up for a challenge! Especially a deliciously edible one.
And a one-hour ‘Emmerdale’ on TV just as I begin. Perfect timing.


I got this great recipe from Averie Cooks a fabulous home to beautiful sweet recipes, each one begging to be made! And huge plus – Averie is obsessed with peanut butter too. Instant friend status. 😉

Here is Averie’s One-Hour Cinnamon Roll Recipe.


My Notes- Especially if you are in the UK:

I used 2 sachets of instant…

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