Fresh Out Of The Oven


I just made these now!  Today is one of those days where I just need to be kept busy! So instead of creating a new recipe I referred to one of my own recipes ~ The Crumbly Oat Biscuit

The first time I had baked them I ended sharing them out and my 3 year old kept asking why his biscuits were being taken out of the front door by various friends and family!

This time he is ecstatic as we are keeping a whole tin full, to ourselves.   Most likely he’ll end up finishing them all anyway lol!

Have a lovely week and stay in touch via WP, Twitter @ Shivaay Delights or Facebook Shivaay Delights Chat soon. Much love D x

Rajma Kidney Bean Chapati


People who eat beans tend to weigh less! have lower blood pressure and consume more essential nutrients than people who don’t eat beans, according to a study published in 2008 in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition.” I’ll have myself some of that! Beans are also a fantastic source of fibre and protein and may lower your risk for high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity!

So recently, I have increased my bean intake and am loving it! I didn’t know they had such health benefits as above! I was just very much enjoying them as part of my new diet. Sometimes I strongly feel your body craves healthy foods and this sensation is coming from an inner guidance that is informing you of the nutrients you lack. For example sometimes I just crave oranges or citrus flavours, that tells me I am in need of Vitamin C. Other times I may be wanting to eat spinach and really enjoy it as I’m lacking in iron!


Listen to your body it does tell you what it requires to keep you in top shape!


1 tin kidney beans drained & rinsed
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp sunflower oil
2 cups chapati flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp rajma masala/garam masala
1½ tsp coriander & cumin powder….hello
½ tsp red chilli powder
⅓ tsp turmeric
A little boiling water to bind
Chapati flour for rolling
Butter/sunflower oil


• Blitz the kidney beans in a food processor with the garlic and oil into a smooth paste

• Add the flour, seasoning and spices and whizz in the processor for a minute

• Slowly add a little boiling water to bind the dough. Just enough to bring it together. This will leave you with a soft dough

• Take a tablespoon of dough into your hand, dip it in some chapati flour and roll into a ball. Then flatten it to make a disc

• Roll out the dough into a chapati of about 8cm diameter, you may need to flour the surface to avoid sticking and place in a preheated non stick frying pan on a medium heat

• Wait a minute or so and then turn the chapati with a flat spatula, it will have bubbled up and become a little brown

• Turn again making sure both sides are cooked and have brown spots on either side

• Place on a plate, Spread a little butter/oil when taken out of pan and repeat the above process until the dough finishes