Springtime Treat…


Our banana and coconut bread finished so quickly! That this morning I made another batch.  However I wanted,  “actually rephrase”  My four year old wanted a lemon drizzle cake and there was NO WAY! he was going to have lemon drizzle cake for breakfast !!  So yours truly, came up with an alternative in the form of a lemon and banana shiny drizzle bread!


I must admit to myself that this is a really really good tasty and healthy recipe and can definitely be eaten for breakfast by all.  He was satisfied with the lemony tang and I was ecstatic with the banana content, which will see him through his day

The recipe is simply My Banana Coconut Loaf but omitting the desiccated coconut and adding a lemon sugar syrup at the end whilst the bread is still hot

To make the lemon syrup : Melt 3 to 4 tablespoons of icing sugar in the juiceof one fresh lemon on a slow heat.  Once all dissolved,  just pierce the bread with a fork and pour over the syrup,  this way it will absorb into the bread and a yummy combination will emerge.

Enjoy this bread as much as we are friends, have a beautiful weekend, see you soon!  Much love, D x


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