Tuesday’s Top Tips

This week is going to be very hectic for me so I will be sharing recipes from the archives and some new recipes from you all too! I should be writing up new blog post and recipes next week. I have got so much to share…

Have a lovely day! Much love, D x


☆ To avoid the avocado going black once sliced. Place a slice of lemon onto the avocado half


☆ Refreshing Lemon & Lime ice blocks for water





19 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tips

  1. oh dimple – please come and find avocados for me – I spend 15 minutes selecting them and when I get them home and open them they usually have brown threads growing through them, which has prompted me to seek out agricultural websites to find out what illness they have, or else they have funny pockets of mould in them. For love nor money I cannot find good avocados in Switzerland and they cost and arm and a leg so that my frustration is even higher…..I may have to pop by a mexican restaurant to find out where they source their avocados from ..

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