Harissa spiced falafels


A delicious meal packed with flavour and Moroccon spice. Extremely quick to prepare and make. Impress all your friends and family with these tasty falafels

2 tins chickpeas (in water) drained and rinsed
4 spring onions chopped
3 garlic cloves crushed
3 tsp harissa paste
1 1/2 tbsp plain flour
1 2/3 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tbsp of olive oil
Squeeze of lime
Sunflower oil for deep frying

1. Put all ingredients into a food processor and blitz to a fine paste. Roll falafels into ping pong ball size

2. Heat enough oil on a medium heat to deep fry the falafels. Once ready slowly place a few balls into the oil and fry until dark brown

3. Repeat until all falafels are fried. Serve with some pitta bread and tzatziki


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