Chilli & lime water


Chilli and lime work really well together in all sorts of different cuisines. Lime and salt add to a hit of tequila! And I really fancied something different to drink. I stayed away from the alcohol and wanted pure natural paramount flavour with an edge.

My husband was slicing up lime wedges for his bottle of Mexican beer and I thought a lime drink was the way to go. I wanted something salty more than sweet and my taste buds severely craved a new sensation.


I then see, sitting on my glass chopping board ~ chopped thin slices of green chilli that I was using in my Calzone that was being made at the time. I put the ingredients together and hoped that something special would come of it!

It so did! and was an extreme delight that I am now here sharing this drink with you. The lime and saltiness hits your palette first, the sweetness from the sugar kicks in and then a slight hint of chilli lingers on the tongue. Really refreshing and really unique! Enjoy!



½ juice of a fresh lime
2-3 finely sliced green chilli
½ tsp icing sugar
Pinch of salt
200-250ml of cold water
Lime segments to garnish


• Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass, add the chilli and release chilli oils using a spoon against the glass

• Stir in the icing sugar and salt and then pour in the cold water

• Dunk the lime segments in and also squash them a little using a spoon

• Leave aside for a few minutes for all the components to fuse together. It is then ready to be served


A Man, A Rake And A Beach


When man can make nature more beautiful and stunning than it already is, this has to be shared!  Stunning art works by Andre Amador, knowing that they will not remain and are ever changing with every tide that comes in.

I cannot even describe how I felt when I first saw a glimpse of these mind blowing pictures,  all I know that these are special, very special!

Have a peaceful day and if life gets hectic take your mind to these beaches and explore these visions of sand and the sounds of the sea, they are sure to calm you down

Much love D x

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