A Spicy, Sour, Stalk Salsa..My 500th Post!


I steamed some broccoli for dinner yesterday and I was left there standing with a good looking raw broccoli stalk in my hands!  All that came to mind was a fresh tangy salsa.  I had some juicy plum tomatoes to use so this is what came about.

A salty, spicy and sour crunchy salsa to tantalise your tastebuds!  It did mine.  When I gave my husband some to try, he couldn’t figure out that I had used the broccoli stalk.  At first he guessed it was raw mango and then cucumber.  I told him, and he was pleasantly surprised.  So for all you non broccoli lovers out there…try this! You may enjoy it! 😉



Raw broccoli stalk, diced
Handful of baby plum tomatoes
Fresh lemon juice
Piri piri spice
A pinch of ground cumin powder
Salt to taste


Take the diced stalk and place in a bowl.  Add all the ingredients and combine well.  Use the lemon and piri piri spice according to taste. I like mine very lemony and spicy!

Eat immediately or set in the fridge until you’re ready to eat.