My New Profession

For the last couple of years as well as cooking up a vegetarian storm, I have set up my very own Business.

Studio ShivAay Photography is nearly two years old and I felt it was time to share my work with my favourite blogging family!

Specialising in children’s photography and family photography. Love capturing emotions and relationships…

Natural, simple and captured

More pictures to follow…until then, love D x


Wordless Wednesday


Have a blissful and wonderful Wednesday friends…
Much love, D x

(Picture taken by H.Makani)

An interesting article discussing the health benefits of the echinacea flower!

Roasted Chestnuts ~ A Christmas Favourite







My very earliest and fondest memory of Christmas alongside opening a Tiny Tears doll! Is standing in the freezing cold with my family of five on Oxford Street!

Waiting eagerly for the man to hand over a bag of sweet, soft and delectable roasted chestnuts!  How the hot steam would swirl out of the brown paper bag.  Such a welcoming warmth to our frozen fingers! 

I recreated the chestnut memory for my little ones today, but not on Oxford Street but in the comfort of our cozy home!  My very nearly 3 year old son thought they were chocolates and wanted to eat them raw! But I prepared them alongside him and then he took great enjoyment opening them once cooked, to reveal the yellow fleshy kernel!

Such a beautiful day! And more brilliant memories made xxxx

Merry Christmas!
Much love D xxxx