Thank you for my Versatile Blogger Awards!


Recently I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by four amazing fellow food bloggers. When I started blogging in July this year I never knew that blogging would give me soo much joy and happiness. Just cooking, writing up recipes, taking pictures and putting up posts is satisfying enough ~

But these awards touch my heart as I know that I am connecting with you all.
So I am honoured and extremely thankful to

Anjana @ The Corner Of Happy & Harried ~ her blog shares her excellent cooking and craft skills. There is something for everyone! And I especially love when we get into our deep and meaningful conversations about “Mc Dreamy!” oooh I’m blushing now lol x

Shanna @ Curls and Carrots who I have just recently got to know. Her blog is also delightful and centres around her awesome family of four! I love her recipes and pictures are always so colourful! Thanks for the cocoa recipe that you shared. I think I shall have a cup tonight before bed! x

Anjali @ Blog for Anyone who has a very informative and gorgeous blog about health, beauty, entertainment, music, pretty much anything! So much variety in what you get to read and each post I eagerly look forward to, not knowing what topic will be discussed. Thanks Anjali! x

Ada @ More Food, Please who has been a friend from the beginning. We follow each other on our facebook pages also. This way we know what we are cooking up or doing next! Love, love! reading your blog and always looking forward to the next post. You’ve been there from the start! Your an inspiration! Thank you Ada x

I am nominating these 15 fellow bloggers! My apologies in advance if I haven’t mentioned you but be assured you will be soon as I nominate more awards!

All these bloggers are now a part of my passion for cooking and blogging, they share every experience I post up on Shivaay Delights and I thoroughly enjoy conversing with them on a daily basis. Thank you so much friends and I hope you accept my award nomination x

Savory and sweet food
Simply vegetarian 777
tasty treats 13
My food tapestry
The not so creative cook
Transplanted cook
Yummy chunklet
Deliciously elegant
Sparkle bubble
Radiating blossom
Tiny white cottage
Georgia Kate’s kitchen
Oh Lidia

And also another nomination to whitbits kitchen as she absolutely astounds me with her amazing culinary love of Indian cooking. She cooks better Indian food than me x

The rules are to
1) Display the award certificate on your blog
2) Link back to the person who nominated you
3) Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers
4) Inform your nominees that you have nominated them
5) Write 7 random facts about yourself

My 7 random facts

• I eat nutella with a fork straight out of the jar?!

• My first ever music tape was by Kylie Minogue. I just loved her!

• I love painting my nails with funky patterns

• I love taking a stroll on a crisp autumn morning

• When I was young I couldn’t wait to get a pair of red sparkly shoes like Dorothy in the wizzard of oz!

• I don’t like goats cheese!

• I used to sing in a choir in school and loved it!

I hope you all enjoy receiving this award and pass it on to even more fellow bloggers! x

And to all my wondeful Shivaay Delights supporters! Thank you x

Much love D x