Soothing Fresh Raspberry Tea


The Four A’s! Antioxidant, Anti cancerous, Anti inflammatory and Anthocyanin content!!!!

The raspberry is all four of these things and now considered to be a super healthy fruit. I love raspberries, I am attracted by colour, feel, taste! you name it! And I was ecstatic to see that Deliciously Elegant had put up a stunning fresh Raspberry tea that I just had to try! And share with you all x

It’s wonderful and so delicious. Extremely refreshing and really raised my spirits. I am still sipping on it as I write to you all and am loving the soft plumped up raspberries and seeds that I am now getting a hit of towards the bottom of the cup!

A must try and very sooooon! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂



5-6 raspberries
a few drops of fresh lemon juice
sweetener of your choice


• Pop the raspberries into a teacup and pour over hot boiling water

• Let the tea brew for a while 5 minutes or so, then squish them a little and stir in the lemon juice and sweetener

Put your feet up, sit back and enjoy!

Thank you sooo much for the inspiration and recipe Deliciously Elegant