Thankful Thursday


Yesterday evening I was greeted by a wonderful tweet from “Daddy’s” Husbands who must not be stopped!

I clicked on the link to find my husband’s praises being sung.  As you all know he loves cooking too and is my pillar of support!  He has contributed some gorgeous guest recipes that have been liked even more than mine!  I think he should start a blog of his own as he is always interested on how many likes and views he gets! 😉


I am so thankful for him and it is even more satisfying to see how appreciated he is in the blogging world.  Being titled as “Shivaay Delights’ Husband” made me giggle but also filled my heart with pride.
So here I take time out to say THANK YOU to my Husband! For everything he does!  My passion for Shivaay Delights is enforced by his love of food and him supporting me on this amazing journey!  Love you!

Be thankful today for all those you love and tell them!  It’s always nice to hear! Much love D x


The fresh baby leaf spinach penne featured above…

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