Melted Mozzarella…Need I Say More?


A very light meal was made in the form of melted mozzarella bruschetta.  Oh my! what a yummy meal it was.  Not too heavy or light, absolutely spot on!
Mainly eaten as a starter but I fancied a few more pieces than you would have in restaurant.  The best thing about this version was the melted buffalo mozzarella!  Did I mention it was melted?!!  So very rich, gooey, stringy and delicious!  I was in cheese heaven!

Try it out at the weekend friends, have a good one! See you next week, much love D x



Fresh buffalo mozzarella in thin slices
Tomatoes diced finely
Red onion diced
Green chilli sliced finely
Salt to taste
Chunky pieces of toasted bread
Garlic butter Recipe here
Balsamic vinegar optional


Place the tomato, onion, chilli in a bowl, season with salt.

Spread the toast with the garlic butter, top with the tomato mix and be generous with the mozzarella to finish

Heat in the oven or grill until the mozzarella has melted


Bruschetta for Brunch


Recently I have been seeing a lot of bruschetta recipes and couldn’t wait to make some and sink my teeth into some balsamic dressed juicy tomatoes and soft toasted bread.
Normally I make it with onion and tomato but this time I wanted something creamy and refreshing.


So you will be getting two bruschetta toppings in one post! One with a pan fried asparagus and cherry tomatoes and one with asparagus in a garlic béchemel sauce! I do love my creamy textures whilst my husband likes more oil based or tomato dressings. This way we were both really pleased! Hope you enjoy! Have a restful Sunday, Much love D x


For the pan fry asparagus
8 asparagus spears sliced
1 garlic clove minced
½ tbsp olive oil
Pinch of salt

10 cherry tomatoes sliced into thin rounds
½ tsp dried oregano
A dash of balsamic vinegar

For the garlic béchamel sauce
1 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp butter/low fat butter spread
1 clove garlic minced
¾ cup milk
salt to taste

Garlic bread slices toasted

The pan fried asparagus will be divided and used in both versions of bruschetta

METHOD for the asparagus

• Heat the oil in a medium saucepan and sauté the asparagus on a medium heat and mix in the garlic and salt

• Leave to cook for 5-7 until tender on a low to medium heat. Set aside in the pan

METHOD for the garlic béchamel sauce

• In a small non stick saucepan stir together the flour and butter, keep stirring til combined, add in the garlic and keep mixing to cook the flour and garlic out for 2-3 minutes

• Pour in the milk, and whisk the sauce on a low heat until all smooth and thick. Take off the heat and throw in half of the pan fried asparagus prepared earlier and season with salt

To prepare the cherry tomatoes topping

• Add the tomatoes to the rest of the asparagus, sprinkle in the oregano and mix in a few drops of the balsamic vinegar


• Both toppings are ready. Individually plate up onto the garlic bread that has been toasted