My New Profession

For the last couple of years as well as cooking up a vegetarian storm, I have set up my very own Business.

Studio ShivAay Photography is nearly two years old and I felt it was time to share my work with my favourite blogging family!

Specialising in children’s photography and family photography. Love capturing emotions and relationships…

Natural, simple and captured

More pictures to follow…until then, love D x


Birthday party!!!


It was my nephew’s birthday this week and today we celebrated together as a family.My brother and sister-in-law went all out and gave their little one a party to remember. The theme being the 3 year old’s favourite “Curious George”


A pass the parcel tailored for each child to open so they all got a present. A pulling string pinata! Where all the goodies and toys much to the little ones surprise fell and scattered everywhere. They enjoyed grabbing what they could!
Even the adults got hold of 2 model airplanes, ripped the paper packaging and started to assemble their masterpieces!


It’s so lovely to relive our childhoods again through our children. It was just the other day I remember celebrating my sixth birthday with my best friend Natasha.


How time flies when you’re having fun! We have to cherish every beautiful moment and this weekend we got to capture many of these wonderful moments!