I Like Beer..


Yes that’s what I said…I like beer! Occasionally I love having a bottle beer. I find it refreshing and thirst quenching. It all started in Paris when my then fiance, now husband went to the Hard Rock Café. I had my proper taste of beer, a Corona with a wedge of lime…yummmm!

Many women prefer wine to beer but wine gets to my head really quickly! I love fruity drinks too so when I saw the beer and fruit combination, I knew it was for me!

Raspberry Beer, I had had some in London once at the winter wonderland but this is the first time I bought it from the supermarket. I think I was attracted to the bottle in the way it was presented. Appeals very much to the female audience, all pretty and pink and the bottle wrapped nicely. It did the trick! I fell for the trap! Lol


Even though low in alcohol content, this beer still has quite an edge. You really get the beer hops taste and a little sour flavour which then leaves sweet raspberry notes on your palette as you swallow. A smooth drinking beer that is just so refreshing and perfect for the Summer weather! Ummm I think I will be buying this again! (This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share something different with you all)

What is your favourite drink and why? Look forward to your hearing from you all. Enjoy your Sunday…More food coming up tomorrow! Until then, much love D x


I love Bubbles!!!