My Mork From Ork! Come In Robin?


Hello all friends, Today I come with a heavy heart and sadness, as my most favourite actor in the whole world has crossed over….

Robin Williams, I watched you since I was a toddler in nappies when you appeared as “Mork from Ork” in Mork & Mindy to Dead Poets Society which helped me understand the meaning of life and death. The laughter that filled the air, everytime my brothers and I watched Mrs Doubtfire! can never be forgotten. To knowing that laughter is the best medicine and can heal you, as you shared as Patch Adams!

I wish truly that your soul has now started to heal and you are at peace within. We will never forget the laughs and light you shared. You were and truly still are a genuinely beautiful soul. You will be missed! Xx


See My Kitchen ~ Thought For Thursday…


Totally agree with this…As I look back at my childhood, I remember nearly always being in the kitchen with all my family hovering around me.  I would sit at the breakfast bar on my assigned stool.  Not only to eat but to do my homework, revise, have my best friends round, enjoying a cup of coffee.

The kitchen is sooo the place to be! And without a doubt my most favourite room and space in the whole home!


This is the Shivaay Delights Kitchen!

Enjoy cooking in your little haven…I’m going in there now to lose myself in creating more food fun!

See you soon friends! Much love D x

Thought For Thursday…


This quote really spoke to me yesterday when I came across it online.  We do think about the generations that came before us but I haven’t done so in this way.

We are all made of love, nurtured, fed, looked after and so the cycle of love and life keeps turning!

Such a beautiful and heartwarming thought ♡

Have a peaceful and love filled day!
Much love D x