The Green Thirst Quencher


Recently my husband and I went out on a dinner date to a lovely Japanese restaurant, where I sampled a green juice similar to the one I have made here. What is so lovely about this particular juice is that you can taste all the different levels of fruit and veg within. Blending the pulp as well keeps all of the goodness in!

I can totally see myself having this drink over and over again definitely a thirst quencher whether in the winter when you need a immune vitamin boost or in the summer when you need something so very refreshing!



2 sticks of celery
8 green grapes
Handful of fresh mint
Handful of spinach
100ml apple juice
50ml water
Dash of fresh lime


Add all ingredients into a drinks blender and whizz til smooth


Serve cold, but do stir as the celery will sink to the bottom of the glass


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