Fine Pressed Fruit Juices…James White


I was contacted by James White to sample their new range of freshly pressed apple juices.  Ummm…a fruity treat and non alcoholic, I was tempted immediately!

I had expected a few small bottled samples but how grateful was I when, three elegant looking glass wine bottles arrived all pristine and packed to perfection.  After unravelling the bottles out of the fun bubble wrap, my 4 year old son caught his eye on the rosé looking “Russet Apple Juice” an “Indulgently rich clear pressed English Russet”


I also received the Bramley and Cox apple juice too.  Those I shall be opening in due time…can’t wait! Especially as the first one I opened was stunning.  The russet apple juice had a very interesting flavour journey that it took my tongue through.  With notes of tang, then a little wild bitterness turning into the rosiest and sweetest of flavours.  I happened to have some Wensleydale, cranberry and blueberry cheese that I accompanied with the russet juice and found that as recommended it went extremely well with it.  It made the cheese taste that bit stronger and gave the berries in the cheese more oomph!

image P

Great for adults as a non alcoholic option to wine and as my son announced to to us all…it was AMAZING! To be honest he had most of it. I’m keeping the next two bottles away from him!  Or I may not be able to sample any…




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