A Spicy Masala Sandwich To End 2014


This toasted tasty Chaat and Chutney masala sandwich we devoured for brunch on Christmas day.  Also my love of cheese came into play, with a twin serving of pan fried halloumi and mature cheddar cheese within the spicy hot double decked sandwich!  A creation only my husband could come up with.  He is not afraid of experimenting with strong flavours and spices.  He produces winning dishes all the time…Yes! I know…before you say it…I’m a lucky girl! 😉

You could really add anything to this sandwich as long as you incorporate the chutney and chaat masala.  The green, extremely spicy chutney came from my Mum’s kitchen and the masala is shop bought.  It really adds an Indian touch to the whole dish!

Wishing all a fantastic New Year!..2014 has been brilliant…we’re eagerly awaiting you 2015!!!


Mum’s Spicy Coriander Chutney
Chaat masala to taste
Pan fried slices of halloumi
Grated mature cheddar cheese
Slices of tomatoes
Wholewheat bread


Place a buttered slice of bread in a panini maker.  Layer the tomato, sprinkle the mature cheddar cheese


Place another slice of bread and spread the green chutney and shake on the chaat masala


Take the pan fried halloumi and some extra tomato and layer onto the chutney base



Finally top with the last slice of bread and toast for 5-10 minutes in the panini maker, until the bread takes on a golden brown colour


12 thoughts on “A Spicy Masala Sandwich To End 2014

  1. Heavenly! I fell in love with all sorts of cheese-and-chutney sandwiches after having my first one in London about 35 years ago! This sounds like a winning version indeed. 😀

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