SHARING SUPER BLOGS!!! Flatbreads With Golden Beetroot

Mandy made these wonderful GOLDEN BEETROOT parathas based on my ruby red beetroot paratha recipe. They look amazing and thanks so much for the mention honey! Loving your blog posts always!!


Red Beetroot paratha on me!

Sneaky veg

When I saw this recipe for beetroot flatbreads on the Shivaay Delights blog I knew I had to try it. I was worried that the purple colour would put my two (albeit increasingly less) picky eaters off of trying these and by happy coincidence two lovely golden beetroots arrived in my Local Greens veg bag.

The recipe was really quick and easy, and doesn’t need any rising time as it doesn’t include yeast. I dry fried them and they didn’t stick at all so healthier than frying in oil as well.

Unfortunately Little Miss R, two, used her sixth sense to spot the hidden veg in here and was too suspicious to try them. Mr R, four, however, who is getting less fussy by the day at the moment, *keeping everything crossed it continues*  tucked in though and the natural sweetness of the beetroot won him over.

Golden beetroot flatbread sneaky veg recipe Golden beetroot flatbread

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