My New Shiny Tea Pot!!! SO EXCITED!!!


It doesn’t take much, but I was so excited to buy myself a new teapot to match my new kitchen and one to make lots of tea in for friends and family.  It’s so shiny you can see me taking the picture! Lol 🙂

Will be a great addition to my work top especially when everyone comes round for home made baked cakes and sweet treats!!!

Just had to share it with you all..As I do!! 😉

I’m off to make myself a cuppa x

16 thoughts on “My New Shiny Tea Pot!!! SO EXCITED!!!

  1. Niceeee…..what is it made of?Would you need a tea cosy for it till the last cup?I ceaselessly buy teapots,not so much of teacups though coming to think of it……believe a cup of tea brings forth more conversations and ‘feel good’ moments than any other drink if not had in a hurry.I love to dress up the tray as well!

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