I could just dive into a whole plate of these crispy vegetable tempura!!! These are wonderful from Karinna over @ cheesy biscuit!!!

I’m off to buy some veg! 😉

See you later x



I’ve been having fantasies about tempura of late.  I’ve always been a fan of the stuff, but during a recent trip to Lisbon, one of the most simple dishes we ate also turned out to be one of my favourites (although, to be fair, there were quite a lot of favourites): in a bar, we were served up tempura coated green beans, served alongside a thick,  herb flecked mayonnaise.  We were told that the Portuguese name for the dish translates as ‘fishes of the garden’ – one of the most charming sentences I’ve heard for a while!

The idea of trying our hands at tempura has come up from time to time when we’re recipe speculating, but my aversion to deep frying has always put paid to that – until this week, that is.  The holiday memory proved too tempting, so we decided to get the oil out and sizzle up some golden ‘fishes’ of our own – fishes of our…

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