Melt In Your Mouth Peach Pudding!


I do surprise myself sometimes when I just make up random recipes and they work! This particular dessert was intended to be a sponge type traybake, but in the end it turned out to be a melt in the mouth peach pudding! I think it actually was better than what I thought it would have been originally. I guess that’s why I really like to develop my own recipes and I look forward to what will actually come out of the oven!

The taste is so fudgy because of the brown sugar. The peach slices add that slight acidity and then you have the texture which is absolutely soft and silky and just melts, melts, melts on your tongue!

It was a sure winner here, I really hope you all enjoy it friends!
Have a beautiful day, much love D x



150g softened unsalted butter
175g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
100g soft dark brown sugar
35g white sugar
Tin of peach slices drained
2 large eggs
½ cup of milk
1 tsp vanilla essence

Icing sugar to dust



Preheat the oven to 170°c and grease a rectangular baking deep dish. Also line with some grease proof paper

Cream the butter and both types of sugar together in a large mixing bowl, add the eggs one by one and stir

Fold in the flour with the salt and baking powder, pour in the milk and vanilla essence. At this point you should have a drop like consistency batter

Spread half the batter mixture into the dish, layer the peaches in rows to cover the batter. Gently spread the remaining mixture onto the peaches, level out as much as possible with a spatula


Bake in the oven for 25 to 35 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean


Let it cool in the tray and when ready to serve, slice into squares and dust with plenty of icing sugar