It’s All About Mum’s Coriander Chutney!


I have been eating this yummy chutney all my life but it is now, how much I appreciate my mum’s cooking even more! Knowing how difficult it is, running a household, working and looking after children, she made it look so easy. I have been blessed with two wonderful parents who both know how to cook and always make us food even today if we let on we are slightly hungry!

This coriander chutney is simplicity at its best. Mum has been delivering pots of the wonder stuff recently as I am on a chutney phase! I have been enjoying it in sandwiches. With Indian food and now in a melted cheese bagel! Try it for yourselves friends and do let me know…I will give the feedback to my Mum! Much love, D x



1 bunch of fresh coriander
2~3 green chillies medium hot
2 tbsp fine grinded peanut powder
Salt to taste
Lemon to taste

Grated mature cheddar cheese
Bagels (I had red onion and chive)

For the chutney

~ Blend all the ingredients together into a paste, season with the lemon and salt

~ Slice the bagel in half, toast on the grill. Spread the chutney on one half. Top with cheddar cheese




~ Sandwich together and grill in a panini maker. I used my Optigrill on a medium heat and toasted it until the cheese had melted into the chutney


~ Serve with some coleslaw or salad


52 thoughts on “It’s All About Mum’s Coriander Chutney!

  1. Oh Dimple!! I just made this today, and let me tell you, it was delicious!
    I didn’t have peanut meal, so instead I used peanut butter; so it may not be the exact same as your recipe, but it sure tasted good!! I love the combo of the coriander and the peanuts. 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of peanut powder… but when I track some down I will try this Dimple! It sounds great, I love the look of those grill marks on the cheesy bagel too (yum!). Can’t wait to give it a go xx

  3. Looks delicious, a nice twist on a normal bagel sandwich….yes only when you leave home do you appreciate how our moms kept it together and always managed a delicious homemade meal every night…my mom would make yogurt, bread everything at home…I now am amazed by her energy and patience 🙂

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